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Ethnomusicology || Sound Studies || Cultural Studies  || Popular Music Studies || Music and Digital Technology || Media Studies || Creative Economy Policy, Strategies  and Development

I am a 2023-2024 graduate fellow at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) completing a PhD in the Department of Music at Princeton University.

I am a researcher with 9 years of research experience studying music of Africa and the Black diaspora. My research focuses on the global circulation, experience, remediations, and contextualization of Black music genres as these genres move between geographical locations, offline and online communities, and across digital platforms. My other interests include the music industry, creative economy and policy, music and data, sound studies, popular music studies, and media theory. 

My theoretical and practical approach to music research often takes a deep examination of music from a social and cultural perspective to understand the role of music in society, the technologies and mechanisms for music circulation, and the experience of music and musical meaning within different sociocultural contexts. I use ethnographic methods to collect data for analysis. 

For my dissertation, I lived in Spain for a year, engaging with music communities and immersing myself in the music scene and Spanish popular culture. I conducted research on the production, circulation, and experience of HipHop and Reggae in Spain using race, sound and digital technology as critical categories. I also collected data on the Afrobeats music scene in Barcelona.

In May 2023, I was awarded the Eugene K Wolf grant by the American Musicological Society.

Through a Princeton University GradFutures Social Impact fellowship,  I joined the Music Policy Resilience Lab at the Center for Music Ecosystem as a researcher and strategist.

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Society for Ethnomusicology (Canada)

Between Acousmatic Blackness and Blacksound: The Cultural Politics of Black Music in Spain 

International Doctoral Workshop at the Center for World Music (Germany)

Between Acousmatic Blackness and Blacksound: The Cultural Politics of Black Music in Spain 

International Association for the Study of Popular Music (Norway)

The Music Business and Social Media  (June 2022)

Internet Musicking: Popular Culture and Online Cultures 

(Cork, Ireland)

Afrobeats Music Goes Global: The Significance of Social Media Virality in the Digital Era (May 2022)

British Forum for Ethnomusicology (Milton Keynes, UK)

Agents of Music Circulation and Culture Transmission: The Significance of the Musician-Instructor of an African Music Ensemble (April 2022)

Society for Ethnomusicology, USA (Virtual)

Genre or Hypernym: Defining Afrobeats in the Global Music Industry (October 2020)

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